Evil vs. the Angels of Stony Island
by Jim Heaney

“Young man, you have no idea the thin ice you are skating on! Who at Parklawn Cemetery gave you a position?”
“Harvey Geller, and Mr. Geller will confirm this.”
“I am familiar with Parklawn and I know Mr. Geller per‑ sonally. I can check your claim with one phone call. But is this is true, how is it you came to be in the Apartment Finders office yesterday?”
“I was paying back a debt. I was inside less than five minutes and was on my way out when the marshals raided the place and arrested me, and my fiancée.”
I glanced down at Cherish. She looked up and mouthed the word “Fiancée?”
“Thank you, young man. You may sit.” The judge turned to the Prosecutor.
“Counselor, I’m having a difficult time with your request. You used the word ‘flee,’ although no warrants have been issued as of date in Chicago or anywhere else. Is the U.S. Attorney’s office in Illinois involved?”
“Yes, your honor, but the state is handling this file.”
“Then why haven’t indictments been handed down from the grand jury?”
“I’m not sure, but the U.S. Attorney’s Office wishes these people be held without bond.”
“He claims employment, and the government says he is probably guilty only of being a loser. Are there injured parties locally that would substantiate your charge?”
“No, your Honor, not at this time.”
“Well, it would appear the word the young man used, ‘raid,’ is appropriate. And it would appear it was botched. Is it possible that what we have here are only the Indians, not the Big Chief? And that you are asking to hold these youngsters until you catch the one you really want?” “It is true, your honor, we seek others involved in this scheme.”
“I move that the charges against me be dropped,” I said, my dream‑lawyer having completely evaporated from the picture.
“What does the government say to his request?”
“We will not dismiss the charge, and again ask the court that bail be denied.” I kept going.
“Your honor, I would ask the appropriate bail be associated with the charge, and also I would like to exercise our Constitutional right to a fair and expedient trial.”
The judge smiled, sat back in his chair, and asked,“Young man, did your Sister John also teach you to talk like a lawyer?”
“No, your honor. I just watched a lot of Perry Mason on television when I was grounded.”
He looked down at his desk, smiled, and shook his head before addressing the prosecutor.
“It’s the Government’s move. Are you prepared to set a trial date?”
“No, your honor, we’re not. This a bail hearing only.”
“Then I set bail at $5,000.00 for the two young people, pending employment verification, which I will do myself. Court will convene on Monday morning for another hearing, at which time pleas will be entered and a trial date set.
“Bailiff, please escort this young man out of the courtroom and place him in maximum security for his own safety. It will also give our esteemed guest, The Divine Child, a chance to review his choices in a more monastery‑like setting. You’re excused.”
The judge stood. “The court will take a twenty‑minute recess and then continue this hearing on the other accused.”

CLANG! I WOKE AGAIN , and forgot where I was until I looked around the cell. When I remembered the dream, a wave of comfort overcame me.
A hour later, my case was called. I stood in front of the judge in a room remarkably similar to the one in my dream. The prosecutor asked that no bond be set because I was considered a flight risk. The judge denied the prosecutor’s request because the crime didn’t fit the amount of bail he was asking. The judge then set a continuance hearing for Monday. Bond would be five thousand dollars, and I would be able to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty at the Monday hearing. The public defender asked about a trial date and the Judge stated that I would receive one at the Monday hearing. It was all very low key, nothing at all like my dream, or like Perry Mason, for that matter.
The bailiff’s hand was on my shoulder.
“Let’s go, kid.”
I realized what what going on, and the public defender confirmed it. No Nick, no trial. He was the one they really wanted. Since they hadn’t caught him, they didn’t have a case. If they didn’t catch him over the weekend, they’d drop the charges on Monday.

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