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After being molested by a neighbor, ten-year old Jimmy is abandoned by the people who should be protecting him. His grades and behavior plummet, and he starts drinking. But there are still bright spots in his life in Chicago’s Stony Island neighborhood including baseball down by the railroad tracks, and his parish school. The priest and teachers at St. Ailbes can’t fix his family, but they still manage to give the desperate boy the help he needs to survive. When your own family doesn’t work out, pay attention. There’s probably someone else to help you grow up. For Jim Heaney, it was the angels of Stony Island.



Survival is not recovery however. The dark legacy of sexual abuse continues to haunt his adult life. He narrowly escapes prison, and although he quits drinking, unresolved anger threatens to destroy every good relationship in his life. Divine Child: Evil vs. The Angels of Stony Island tells how young Jimmy built on compassion first experienced in Stony Island to climb from despair to recovery. He shares his story in the hope that it will give other survivors of child abuse the tools to make new life for themselves.



Jim Heaney is the critically acclaimed author of Divine Child: Evil vs. The Angels of Stony Island. This is a book about Child Abuse and Children abuse healing. Jim, being a victim of child abuse, tells his story – from struggling with the burden of being a child abuse victim to the path of recovery and child abuse healing. Jim Heaney is the owner of Remodeling Experts, Inc., a firm that specializes in restoring vintage structures. He and his wife, Maria Colangelo, live with their two children on Chicago’s North Side. Heaney has spoken about soul and memory healing in the context of his recovery from the after-effects of sexual abuse to thousands of adults and young people at AA conferences through- out North America. In addition, Heaney conducted several 12- Step and Mustard Seed conferences each year from 1981 to 2001, reaching about 100 people in each conference. He decreased his involvement in AA speaking when his children were young so that he could participate fully in raising them, but now that they are older and his business is self-sustaining, he is resuming his speaking career.



The year is 1964 and Chicago’s south side neighborhood known as Stony Island is rapidly changing from white to black. The little motels up and down Stony Island Avenue are filled with prostitution and gambling.


In the midst of the neighborhood is a ten-year-old Irish boy whose name is Jimmy. His mother and father are alcoholics and make him deliver newspapers against his wishes. A man on the paper route sexually molests him and internally he knows his parents don’t care.

He turns to a street tough and the street hood steals diamond rings from the molester. The police identify Jimmy from St. Ailbe’s fifth grade class picture as the one who stole the rings. He denies stealing the rings but under Detective Ryan’s interrogation, the molester admits to assaulting Jimmy. His teacher Sister John Christian confides she knows what happened to him and she becomes his best friend.

Sister John Christian can’t garden because of the pimp at the Castaways Motel. Jimmy enlists the help of an organized crime boss. Together they rid the motel of the pimp and become loyal friends. Sister John Christian finds out and gives Jimmy ‘Steps for the soul’ including the daily mantra ‘Find someone to help in all situations.’ The year is 1969 and a car kills Jimmy’s three-year-old brother and he blames himself.


The year is 1977 and his child abuse is haunting Jimmy. He is teetering between right and wrong becoming a criminal and alcoholism when his inner voice asks him to intercede for a young woman who is about to be victimized. He relents and devises a scheme where he battle’s the bad guys, The U.S. Attorney’s office and himself. A few years pass and he becomes U. S. Attorney’s Dan K Webb’s neighbor. Jimmy protects Webb JR. and his buddy Mark with Sister John Christians mantra, ‘find someone to help in all situations.’ Jim beats his child abuse demons, in a winner take all… big stakes poker game in Las Vegas.

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